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When They Comeback

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When They Comeback

The documentary, When They Comeback: the Search for Answers is the story of Detroit gentrification and the people developing a more inclusive solution.

In Detroit, over the past several years, the city has transformed into what can feel like a completely new city, with sleek retail stores and coffee shops manifesting on formerly vacant downtown lots and thousands of recently arrived young employees working in new redeveloped offices. But the Motor City's celebrated renaissance, driven by an explosion of corporate investment, has so far largely missed the city's vast and overwhelmingly black population.

For longtime Detroiters who have struggled for decades only to witness a resurgence that's concentrated in an area where they don't live and brought thousands of newcomers, the downtown development can feel like a stick in the eye.

So, why can’t gentrification be a code word for diversity and inclusion, why can’t growth and economic redevelopment benefit everyone and why must new residents to a city displace longtime residents?

The documentary When They Comeback: the Search for Answers is the story of people, displacement and a sense of unfairness. It’s also, the story of individuals across the country working to change the redevelopment and displacement narrative to one of hope and inclusion. The documentary explores the history of gentrification and its causalities while searching for those who are developing answers that can be used to develop and sustain a more inclusive approach.

When They Comeback: the Search for Answers is a Detroit story that reverberates across America.

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Documentary #2
I Can't Breathe

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Documentary #3
Urgent Care

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